The Forsyth County Courthouse is located in the City of Cumming and is a very tough place to get a charge of any type. District Attorney Penny Penn has a team of Assistant District Attorneys who are vastly experienced and motivated to try to convict you and send you to prison. Ms. Penn appears in from of three Superior Court judges who conduct fair trials, but will give out harsh punishments when necessary. It is not a system that you want to go it alone on. There is no sympathy given in this system.

Forsyth County also has a state court system that handles misdemeanors and traffic. Bill Finch is the Solicitor General and has over 20 years of criminal law experience both as a lawyer and former police officer. He appears in front of two state court judges, who are also former prosecutors. It can be a very intimidating experience appearing for a charge of any type in this court, especially going in alone.

Many people think they should go to Atlanta to get a lawyer. That Forsyth County is full of “good ole boys” that won’t buck the system. Nothing could be further from the truth. Forsyth County has many very good lawyers. However, not all lawyers have tried some of the biggest cases in Forsyth County in the past 10 years, and have the reputation for knowledge and determination. That is where we stand alone. 

In defending people in Forsyth County, John Rife has defended some of the biggest cases in Cumming over the last 10 years.  From Murder to traffic tickets, when it is on the line experience is what you need.  If you have a criminal case, traffic case, DUI or Juvenile matter and need a good defense, call us today.