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When you need an aggressive Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer,you need someone experienced in the inner workings of Cobb County Courts.  Someone with Experience in Cobb County Superior Court, Cobb County Juvenile Court, and Cobb County State Court.   With John W. Rife, you can expect honest and dedicated legal services with an emphasis on client-driven results, and vast experience in all Cobb County Courts. We work hard to know that you are getting the best Criminal Defense in Cobb County.

John has represented clients of all walks of life over the years, from executives to children who are barely teenagers, to fellow lawyers and their families. They know when everything is on the line only a lawyer who knows the law and the court system will do. John is well known and has tried numerous cases. From traffic tickets to murder cases, prosecutors know when John steps into a courtroom he is ready for battle.

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We provide a zealous criminal defense in all Cobb County Criminal Court as well as all over North Georgia