We are one of the premier criminal defense firms in Cobb County and Metro Atlanta for one big reason. We are respected. We are respected by police, prosecutors, and judges. They know we aren’t afraid to try a case and try it well.

Let’s talk a little common sense. In just about every Criminal Defense website, you have the buzzwords, “Aggressive” and “Zealous”. Every good Criminal Defense lawyer is aggressive and zealous. But, how many of those websites talk about being knowledgeable and respected? Not many. It is those qualities that make us different.

Respect is not something you can buy, but is something you earn. It takes years of actually trying cases and knowing the law. It is being confident and prepared for battle and knowing what works. Being “aggressive” alone isn’t always the answer. Sometimes years of proving to prosecutors that you can and will try cases gets the best results. Make no mistake, we are aggressive, and prosecutors and judges know when we say we’re ready for trial, we mean it. It is this “aggression” that gets results. Prosecutors know we have an army of investigators and experts at our disposal who are respected members of their profession and work with us on a regular basis. They know at trial it is war and our sole focus is to preserve our clients freedom. In other words, they know they are in for a battle.

Our philosophy is simple: Honesty is our only policy. If you are looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear, we are not the firm for you. We know you work hard for your money. We know you are scared. We know that you don’t know the system. We work hard for our money too. We know the system, and we are not afraid of the courtroom. We provide you with all the resources and experience we have to guide you through this difficult time in your life. If we can’t get you a result, we will tell you. We will look for and discuss with you creative alternatives to minimize the damage, if that is all that is available to us. Call us we can help.