Cherokee County Courthouse is located in Canton, and is one of the toughest places to have a criminal or traffic matter. Shannon Wallace is the Cherokee County District Attorney and is a tough minded prosecutor. One of her main principles is that “She will hold all persons responsible for their actions.” She handles felonies in the Superior Courts before three very strict judges who are fair, but firm. The prosecutors and police have vast resources available to them to convict you and they have the means and opportunity to use them.

Cherokee County also has a State Court that that has three judges. The Solicitor General, Jessica Moss, has been a career prosecutor and is vastly experienced with DUI’s and misdemeanors. She appears in front of the three State Court Judges who can be very tough on alcohol related offenses.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, the Canton Police Department and the Woodstock Police Department are well known in the legal community for being the most aggressive police units in Northern Georgia. They proudly tout a “zero tolerance policy” and will go to great lengths to try to convict you.

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