Most of the time traffic tickets are no big deal. But it depends on who you are or what you're doing. For some drivers the conviction of certain offenses can mean the loss of a license, huge fines, increased insurance costs and maybe even the loss of a job. The stakes can be high!

It doesn't matter where your case is at in Cobb County, whether you have been charged in the City of Marietta, Powder Springs, Acworth, Smyrna or any other city in Cobb County or the Cobb County State Court. In most circumstances, you are legally entitled to a jury trial. Remember, by law, neither the Court nor the prosecutors can advise you what to do or not do. However, in some cases, the Court will not allow you to enter a plea because your decision will have serious consequences on your life. In those situations, call us, we can help.


By far the most complicated area of the law for tickets are young drivers. There are numerous offenses for which young drivers can and do lose their license. Almost always, a young driver's record can increase insurance costs for their parents and can have an effect on job or college prospects for convictions of certain traffic, DUI or misdemeanor offenses.

Sometimes parents try to represent their children in Court which is not allowed. Sometimes they advise their children to plea nolo contendre (no contest) as they read on the internet that this will save their child's license, only to find out later that it does not. Then it is too late. Dont make this mistake! You should ALWAYS consult a lawyer if you are under 18 and in any Court for any type of offense. Call us. Sometimes there are alternatives and programs available if you know where to look.


Some people view misdemeanors as petty offense and just want to get it over with. The problem is misdemeanors in Georgia (including DUI) carry a potential jail sentence of 12 months and a $1000.00 fine. In addition, you will have a permanent criminal record, in most cases. Many times, years after the case is finished, people call me up wanting to expunge their case which typically cannot be done afterward. Dont make this mistake. There may be ways to divert the system and after some alternatives, your case may be dismissed and expunged.


If you are arrested in Cobb County, NOW is the time to hire an attorney to represent you in the Cobb County Superior Court system. The playing field is NOT level at this point. Professional interrogators are going to try to convince you to come clean and it will help. This is simply NOT TRUE! Believe it or not, the LAW ALLOWS POLICE TO LIE TO YOU, AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO. So whether you hire a lawyer now or not, exercise your RIGHTS AND REMAIN SILENT.

Don't make a mistake! Let me and my team of investigators and forensic experts put our half of a century combined experience to work for you. Criminal defense is all we do, so if you are charged with murder, robbery, theft, drugs, or a sexual offense, call us today, we may be able to help.


The Cobb County District Attorney's Office has some of the best prosecutors in the State, and they have huge budgets filled with police and investigators to help them prosecute you. At this point you MUST have an attorney who has a reputation with these prosecutors of being tough and aggressive. Check around and you will find that in Cobb County Criminal Defense, John Rife is a well known and respected name among the Cobb County District Attorney's Office and Superior Court system.


Choose a lawyer who is not afraid of a jury trial. If you want a lawyer who has tried over 100 criminal jury trials from capital murder, murder, rape, armed robbery and numerous other Cobb County Felony cases, call me today. Cobb County Jury trials can be tough and you need someone in your corner to make sure the jury hears your side of the case and not just the Prosecutor's side.

There are numerous avenues that can be taken that cannot be fully explained on this website. If you need assistance with a Cobb County Felony matter contact attorney John W. Rife.