John Rife is a Cobb County drug crime defense attorney representing clients accused of drug and narcotics charges in the Superior, State and Juvenile Courts.

Whether you’re charged with large-scale drug trafficking or simple possession of a controlled substance, our narcotics attorneys draw on years of experience as cops and prosecutors. We can help you fight the charges and, if necessary, secure an effective drug treatment program.

John is a former drug crime prosecutor who worked closely with the DEA, narcotics units, and special undercover police teams. He prosecuted every type of narcotics case, from methamphetamine labs and major drug dealers to possession and under the influence cases. Now John uses his insider experience to help clients establish a common sense drug crime defense.

How does he do it?

By identifying where the cops went wrong.

In making drug busts, narcotics officers frequently:

  1. Ignore the Georgia and Federal rules of search and seizure
  2. “set-up” suspects in violation of Georgia’s entrapment laws
  3. rely on bogus “confidential police informants”
  4. mislead judges in order to bamboozle search warrants
  5. exaggerate or outright lie in their police reports, or
  6. arrest people without evidence that the drugs even belonged them

An experienced drug crime defense lawyer knows how to scrutinize the case for police mistakes and misconduct. Moreover, we know how to exploit problems in the prosecution’s case to your advantage.

In many cases, we can make a motion to suppress evidence…which, if granted, usually leads to the whole case being thrown out of court.

If we can’t get your case thrown out of court, we look for different ways to provide you with the best drug crime defense that can be built. Sometimes the work we do up front can make you eligible for alternative punishment programs such as drug courts. Some times there are specific “first offender” programs available for certain types of drug offenses. Sometimes there are lesser included offenses, and sometimes we may be able to keep your driver’s license even though you plea to a drug offense.

Let us help you build a first class Drug Crime Defense. If you need a drug case defense in Cobb County or anywhere else in Metro Atlanta, call us, we can help.