In Cobb County, DUI and Traffic Offenses are the most common cases criminal defense lawyers handle. There are firms out there that do nothing but DUI law. They have magnificent websites, huge offices and write books. In their huge offices, they show you successes they have had from all over the state. The question is, do they really know the system? Are they worth the extra thousands of dollars to get the same results a local lawyer can get? Don’t get me wrong, in the complex and competitive word of DUI or Traffic Offenses, they are good lawyers.

Here is the bottom line. We all basically use the same strategies and experts. Most DUI and traffic lawyers know how to try a jury trial. Then you must be asking yourself, why should I hire this firm?

First, we are competitive on price. We do not have big offices and a crushing overhead of maintaining a big office and numerous satellite offices with staffs that you have to pay for (let alone the gasoline costs of traveling all over the state). Second, we have our ear to the ground in court every day.

Being in the community also gives us a feel for what judges do and what juries do as well. It allows us to establish relationships and reputations with both the judges and the prosecutors. We are not just a big firm “hired gun” that comes in to save the day.

And while we are talking about the big guns, ask yourself, if these lawyers are traveling all over the state, how much time is the ACTUAL lawyer I hired spending on my case? Am I being passed to a nameless faceless lawyer who does everything BUT appear in Court with you. So, is the experience and reputation you are paying for really what you are getting?

We understand you have numerous choices for DUI or traffic offenses. We know you are scared and anxious and time is short, but give us a try. It doesn’t cost anything to talk to us.