Fulton County is the most intimidating court system in the State of Georgia. Located in the City of Atlanta, Fulton County Courthouse is the busiest Courthouse in the southeast. As such, it is the most complex and confusing place to have any sort of criminal charge. It is not unusual to have several different judges and prosecutors throughout the meandering of your felony criminal case.

Dist. Atty. Paul Howard has been the chief prosecutor for Fulton County for numerous years and has an almost unlimited budget. He has numerous assistants, experts that work for him, investigators, victim advocates at his disposal to assist him in convicting you of a crime.

Fulton County has 20 Superior Court judges, five senior Superior Court judges, and three magistrates all of which can hear your case at the various stages. It takes experience to work through this system and to maximize the position of the defendant who can become lost in the shuffle.

Fulton County also has a massive state court system that is equally as confusing. The Solicitor Gen. Carmen Smith and her assistants have a wealth of experience in convicting you of a DUI crime or other misdemeanor. They have the assistance of very large police organizations such as the city of Atlanta PD, the Alpharetta PD, the Roswell PD, the Fulton County Sheriff’s office, the Sandy Springs PD, the Fulton County Police Department, the Johns Creek Police Department and numerous other agencies.

It takes a lawyer with over two decades of experience to understand and navigate through the system and to know where the cracks are. If you have a criminal case, traffic case, DUI or Juvenile matter and need a good defense, call us today.