A misdemeanor defense attorney is not a luxury, it is a necessity. A misdemeanor is a criminal offense (including traffic charges) that carries a maximum penalty of up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.00. The County's Solicitor’s office prosecutes these cases which typically includes things like Assault, Battery, Reckless Conduct, Child Cruelty, Sexual Battery, Theft offenses, Shoplifting, Obstruction and Disorderly Conduct, just to name a few.

There are a variety of ways to defend certain offenses. It requires an attorney who investigates the case with the experience to know what to look for and the guts to pursue it. It has been said that knowledge is power. In defending your case that is absolutely true. We routinely know more about your case than the solicitors even though they have big staffs and an army of County Police Officers at their disposal.

We always begin at the beginning. While this may sound obvious, it is not. We question why were the Police where you were? What right did they have to question you? What right did they have to arrest you? These are basic questions that apply in all types of misdemeanor cases. We take the time to look because we feel that misdemeanors, or any offense that can send you to jail, even for a day, is a big deal.

Most of the time, even if we can get you completely out of a charge, we might be able to get that charge reduced to an offense that would not appear on your record at all. Sometimes we can save you substantial jail time as well.

Conviction of these offense can not only mean jail time, they could affect your ability to get employment or certain governmental assistance. As in felony cases, you’re entitled to a jury trial to determine your guilt or innocence and there may be ways to keep a conviction from showing up on your record.

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