Paulding County Courthouse is located in the city of Dallas. It is comprised of 4 court systems and a District Attorney’s Office.

Most felony and misdemeanor cases are handled in the Superior Court and are prosecuted by the District Attorney, Dick Donovan or one of his deputy District Attorneys. We at the Rife Law Firm have tried numerous felony and misdemeanor cases in Paulding County against Mr. Donovan and his staff. They are tough and organized and you need a lawyer on your side that is not only experienced, but respected as well.

Paulding County has three Superior Court judges who John Rife appears in front of monthly. They are fair minded men who will listen to a logical precise argument and rule according to the law and their conscience. Rife law firm has won numerous motions in front of these judges, based upon convincing arguments and investigative techniques developed over the 20+ years of practice.

The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office and the Dallas and Hiram Police, are well funded and trained to convict you.

The other Courts in Paulding County are the Probate Court, which hears traffic matters, Magistrate Court that hears first appearances and probable cause for Misdemeanors and Felonies, and a Juvenile Court that hears matters for persons under 16.

Rife Law Firm has experience in all of these courts and is well known in Paulding County. If you have a criminal case, traffic case, DUI or Juvenile matter and need a good defense, call us today.