Property Crime is by far the most common felony crime and the broadest category. Property Crimes occur in many forms. Property Crime can be theft crimes, such as the most common, theft by taking, theft by receiving, theft by deception, theft by mislaid property, theft by conversion, theft of services, fraud, credit card fraud, employee thefts, Entering an Auto, Embezzlement, shoplifting, and white collar offenses.

Many times the difference between the felony and misdemeanor classification of these offenses is the value of the property taken. Many times the police take the word of someone as to the value of the items stolen. Many times we are able to get the charges reduced because we can prove the actual value of an item is not what the State says it is at all. We have seasoned investigators who can research these types of issues and come up with results that benefit your case.

These cases involve intent. As you can see, it is very easy to get charged with property crimes. You don’t even need to have participated in the actual theft. Many times multiple people are charged with an offense because they are in the vicinity of stolen materials. Police call these people “parties to the crime” and they can be held liable just like the people who actually committed the theft. Fortunately, the police have to prove intent and more than just your presence or association with someone who actually did the theft. Many times, we have to assist the State in sorting this out so our clients don’t get convicted of something in which they have no knowledge.

Sometimes you can have something at your house or in your car that was stolen by someone else. There are defenses to just about every property crime offense. Consult with us, there may be ways to save you from being convicted.