We live in a time when there is a business failure, someone must be to blame. White collar offense have been on the rise since the recession of 2009, and the trend is continuing upward. We have represented executives and professionals and public office holders across the spectrum of businesses and allegations. We have forensic accountants available to sort out even the most complex accounting errors around. If any hint of fraud or corruption is present, companies launch internal investigations or government regulatory agencies step in to conduct their own inquiries. During times like these, executives and members of management must proactively protect their interests.

Your company may provide you with group representation. The best course of action is to obtain personal representation when the allegation of a white collar crime is present. We understand the importance of protecting your image and your reputation. We work discreetly and quickly to identify the allegations being made, to investigate the facts, to organize evidence and to build a solid defense for white collar criminal charges such as:

  • Bank fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Public corruption
  • Health Care Fraud

We can represent you through all phases of the criminal justice process, including state investigations and administrative inquires. We are skilled negotiators when necessary and ferocious trial advocates when desired.

In addition, we can work seamlessly with your civil counsel to coordinate a two prong attack to maximize your chances of success in both criminal and civil court. We have seasoned investigators to assist us to assist us in the event you are the “scapegoat” for another person or organization.

Over the years, our clients have survived horrible and public allegations because we were better investigators than the government. Put our experience to work for you today. Come in for a confidential and free consultation.