Arson is one of the most scientific based offenses that a person could be charged with in Georgia. Arson occurs when a person knowingly causes, assists, encourages, hires or counsels another person to burn or damage a dwelling (occupied or vacant), vehicle, boat, aircraft or any other structure, by means of fire or explosion.

If any of those properties are damaged or burned and have a lien on them, or are insured, or belongs to a spouse or ex-spouse, or other co-owner, with the intent to deprive them of the property, or where it is reasonably foreseeable that another may be injured.

The penalty is 1-20 years in prison and up to a $50,000.00 fine.

There are several challenges to being charged with Arson. The first is how easy it is to be charged with Arson. As you can see the statute is very broad and you don’t even need to directly be involved with starting the fire. All you have to do is advise or encourage. You would suffer the same penalty as if you had started the fire yourself!

The second problem is Arson is typically investigated by experts from the outset. Fire Marshals and Insurance investigators have unlimited resources to draw upon to charge you with these type of crimes. The good news is we have experience with these types of cases, and we have at our disposal not only former experts for the State, but nationally recognized investigators, engineers, builders, and chemists who routinely assist us in overcoming these obstacles. It is typically here that cases are won and lost for both sides.

The main issue in an arson case is typically whether the fire is intentional or accidental. Sometimes our “regular” investigators can find witnesses to help us prove the fire is accidental. Rarely do police do the type of investigation necessary to discover the truth. They rely on the fire department to tell them and then they rush out and arrest you. We work on showing the Cobb County District Attorney why you should NOT be prosecuted for Arson.

Even if the evidence is strong against you, and a conviction may seem inevitable, we have several avenues to assist you. For example there are numerous lesser charges we can negotiate on your behalf.

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