In Georgia, there are three types of criminal death crimes: Murder (either Malice or felony), Voluntary manslaughter, and Involuntary Manslaughter. The differences between them are basically the intent of the person committing them and the punishment. For murder, either felony or malice, the MINIMUM penalty is life and the maximum penalty is death. Believe it or not, murder in Georgia is pretty easy to prove. While Malice murder requires an intent to kill, felony murder only requires a death, meant or not, that happens during another crime. The minimum penalty for murder is life imprisonment, with no eligibility for parole for 30 years. There are other lesser types of murder offenses: Voluntary manslaughter is an intentional type killing that is less than murder with a 20 year maximum (and which parole prior to that is available but not guaranteed). Involuntary Manslaughter is an unintentional killing and carries a maximum of 10 years, but in some circumstances, can also become a misdemeanor. You can be convicted even if you didn’t actually commit the crime! You can be a “party to the crime” and as such suffer the same penalty as the person who did commit the crime. There are legal defense to death crimes in Georgia. Such defense include, mutual combat, Defense of self or others. Defense of habitation, “heat of passion” and others depending on the circumstances of your case. Even though the District Attorney’s Office has a specialized murder unit with an army or prosecutors, investigators, doctors, and forensic professionals, all is not lost. We have vast experience in investigating and trying murder cases and with our experience know the District Attorney’s methods and tactics. We have at our disposal investigators and experts, who for the most part, worked for the same people now prosecuting you! There may be legal or factual defenses available to combat these types of charges. Call us today at 678-331-3131 for a consultation.