In the Cobb County Superior Courts, Vic Reynolds and his the District Attorney’s Office has a crimes against persons unit that specifically prosecutes what is known as “violent crimes". These are the most serious violations under the criminal law system and are the ones that the District Attorney’s office zealously prosecutes.

Many of these violent crimes carry 10 plus year minimum prison terms all the way up to life without parole and even the death penalty. Historically, the granting of bond for most of these offenses cannot occur by law in the Magistrate Court, but must be heard in the Superior Court. Even then, bonds are typically high with numerous conditions.

While we always look for an outright dismissal of the charges or acquittal at trial, sometimes that is not possible. Fortunately, most “violent crimes” also have what are called lesser included offenses. For example, if you are charged with Armed Robbery, there are several alternatives to that offense which include robbery, aggravated assault and similar crimes that carry less severe penalties.

At the beginning of any major felony case, the State is always miles ahead. The charges are severe and the system is already making the accused jump through extra hoops just to get the opportunity to ask for a bond. It is true that you can hire an Atlanta TV lawyer, but the question is will that lawyer spend enough time in the particular county you are charged in to know how it really works? Will they understand and have the day to day experience with prosecutors to know where to look for an acquittal or reduction of the charges? Will they know the police tactics and methods? While they say they do, it is only common sense to know that a lawyer is the best choice to handle Criminal Defense.

Don’t be fooled by fancy advertising and big talk. Come in for a consultation and see why we are the right choice to handle this most serious and difficult case for you or your loved one.